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Monday, April 2, 2018

Once On A Blue Moon

Some’ll tell you that change in excruciating, that starting over is emotionally arduous.  Daunting.  Not worth the effort.  And there’s some truth in those beliefs, but new beginnings can be exhilarating; opening your mind to what was once thought impossible can uplift you, supercharge your spirit, if you will.
So, as gurus far and wide will tell you…  Welcome change, embrace it.  Taking it a step further…  Don’t just hope for change, but create change, because hope won’t do shit for you without you taking some action.  The Universe isn’t our servant, it doesn’t provide with a snap of our fingers.  Something worth anything isn’t earned from doing nothing.  Right?  Right.  I think.  

That said…  Three things:  1) I’ve unplugged from Facebook for a few, as I’ve done once a year since joining; 2) I’m on Twitter and Instagram (until they kick me off for, like, the 20th time) - @inexplicablyqos; 3) I’m gonna be blogging semi-regularly again, posting links to significant “chapters” to Twitter, but don’t go to unless you’re 18+, not at work, you don’t find (some) male nudity distasteful, and/or excessive profanity doesn’t make you drop to the floor, curl into a ball and suck your thumb.  Yeah, all that seems explicably me, doesn’t it?  ;)

That's it, I guess.  For now.

Hope Saturday's blue moon got you up and out your house, and you raised some howling Hell.  But if you didn't, and you spent another night streaming Altered Carbon on Netflix because the story is "soooo good," and not because hot-ass Joel Kinnaman is at least half-naked in almost every episode...  You could've spent your night doing worse shit, so, yeah, I approve.

Remember, kids, if you can't be true, then you can't be fucking awesome.  And it's always best to be both.  


K.C. Steel, aka Queer of Steel™